Amit Grover Residence

East of kailash, New Delhi

Team: Atul Sekhar, Anirudh Kumar

Structure:  S A Malik and Kulvinder Singh

Renders: Deblina Pandit, Paperbox

Photography: Anirudh S

The brief of this project is to build floor of 1200 sft covered area on top of the existing apartment owned by the client. The author designed the staircase to form a sculptural element in the spillout area which over looks the park. The Staircase is conceptualized from a fern leaf. The idea is to design a sculptural staircase in the open complimenting the greens in the front.

The shape of the staircase is derived from the golden geometry. The main spine and the steps follow the golden ratio. The leaflets in the staircase are designed to sway imitating the motion of the leaf in wind. Leaflets are designed to move in rhythm with the help of a motor and interconnecting rods built inside the girder. The form and the desired movement in the leaflets are parametrically developed using rhino and grasshopper. Image below show the fabrication process. A simple interlocking mechanism is devised to set the leaflets in a synchronized motion.